Thursday, April 21, 2011

Utterly Amazing!

So, my Dad stopped over to work on the frame of my kitchen window. He loves to mud (a.k.a. drywall compound). He brought these babies over

and asked "Can you use these for something?" OF COURSE I can find a way to utilize these beautiful....holy... boards!?! He explained that he takes pine boards (like these) over to a friend's house for him to "knock out" the knots. Yes, it sounds silly but his friend is an adult with Cerebral Palsy and he has extensive physical limitations. Sounds special ed teacher-ish doesn't it? Any who, his friend spends a great deal of time using his special tools to remove the knots from boards. Up until now, my Dad was unsure how he would make good use of the finished boards. He suggested flower boxes. I think they are unique and I plan to find a good home for my "Holy Boards". I had that Ah...moment. Why don't I use two of them for the sides of my fireplace? The depth is perfect! Just need to cut them down and without molding, they will disguise the one inch difference on either side of my insert. I cut them to size, glued into place with liquid nails and filled and filled and filled those holes! Showed my Dad and he said "Ronny would have an aneurysm if he knew you filled in those holes". He He ...we won't share that with him. Many hours later...after sanding and filling a few times they looked like this....

Not so pretty when you're using scraps.

This is how it looks NOW...


Handsome just HAD to take his place on HIS rug when he saw the camera come out. Off to think about what's next. Lets hope the weather clears up so I can put the finishing touches on my patio.

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