Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring is Here

Today I noticed that my Magnolia Bush had bloomed. I love this bush!

I went to take a few pictures of it and found a girl surfing on a pile of wood in my yard that my personal lumberjack (a.k.a. Walt my neighbor) found and delivered another load of wood.

(Isn't she cute?)
What a nice guy! He came home to have lunch (across the street) and saw that our neighbor had a tree removed. He quickly asked if it was free for the takin, and loaded it up. I am so blessed with wonderful neighbors! Now all I need is a shirtless man a wood splitter to split my wood. Hmmm....Anyway, it was so nice to have a break in the rain and let the kids play outside. I am still waiting to finish my patio. Until then, I will be working on the garage. It is quite the eyesore right now. I scored used kitchen cabinets and have big plans. This is what I am starting with....

I know...I know...homeowner neglect. Just wait and see...it'll be beautiful!!

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