Friday, April 22, 2011

"Mom, Where's my Homework?"

I found this solid wood frame at my favorite second hand store, Second Mile West, for a whopping $1. It has no back or glass. It's been hanging in my hallway for quite some time with a pathetic attempt of a collage that I made. I was browsing Pier One and saw this..

My daughter is in desperate need of some organizational skills. This would be perfect for her to hang her important homework papers. So, I started racking the ol' noggin and came up with this...

I found some vintage chicken wire in the backyard. I was determined to make this with stuff I already had laying around the house and I DID! I also wanted to get through this without needing a tetanus shot. I stapled the wire into place, clipped off the excess and covered with scrap material. When I flipped it over, I discovered that some of the staples poked through the frame. I trimmed it out with leftover trim and hot glue. Now the question is..."Why isn't your homework on your message board?"

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  1. I love that numbered dresser, so fun!! I want to make some sort of memory board for my daughter too. I might copy ;)

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