Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tool Box Challenge

Several years ago, my garbage picker in training daughter found this on my neighbors tree lawn....

She has an eye for reusing things like her Mama! It was a rabbit cage made by her late husband for their two children. I'm guessing it was in her backyard for at least 35 years! It then sat in my yard with absolutely no purpose for the past two. I recently salvaged a portion of the chicken wire for this project...                                            

 The other day  I was reading one of my favorite blogs,  Funky Junk Interiors , and was presented with a challenge. MAKE A TOOLBOX! I am totally in... I started thinking about what I could use and where I could use it. I chose that scrap rabbit cage waiting for the curb.

First, I salvaged a few pieces of weathered wood. Cleaned it up and let it dry for a few days. Then, began the planning. Really there's not much of that. I don't measure often... I just start cutting and creating. I could make a carpenter cringe!

My "INSPIRATION" is my 4 year old.She is a wonderful hardworking dandylion picker! I get all sorts of short stem weeds flowers and I needed a perfect place to display her treasures.

So, I finally came up with this...

 Ta Dahhhh!!!

My favorite part is the chicken wire bottom.

Although I am really happy to have a place to display my "weed picker's" treasures...I would suggest wearing a hazard suit when cutting wood that has been unattended for many decades. I skipped that simple safety measure and have been brewin a mold induced sinus infection since. I managed to avoid needing a tetanus shot after handling the rusted chicken wire again. I avoid pitchin things I know could be repurposed but the scraps of the rabbit cage are officially hitting my curb.


  1. I love the chicken wire bottom!

  2. Fabulous! But you offer a great lesson as well. Old wood can be contaminated! Always consider what it was last used for, clean it well AND use safety gear when working with it.

    Thanks for that message!


  3. Beautiful job, I'm glad you took on the challenge. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. I'm visiting from Funky Junk and SO loving exploring your site! I'm not sure why you stopped posting, but it would be wonderful to see things you've been doing lately!! ;)