Friday, July 22, 2011

French Typography Side Table

I've had the side table for quite some time. I bought it for $2 at Second Mile West.It has been screaming for a makeover since I last painted it a creamy white. When I found a graphic from The Graphics Fairy, I knew I'd find a use for it in my home. 

This is my table before....

First, I drew the image with a sharpie using my projector.

Then, I sanded the entire top with 120 grit. I gave it a heavy coat of Minwax dark stain and rubbed off the excess with a dry towel.

I finished it off with a coat of paste wax for protection. Here it is now.....

On to the next project,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Entryway Mirror

Sometimes a project transpires out of a freebie.

My neighbor Melanie updated her bedroom and no longer wanted the mirror that came with her dresser.

She offered it to me and of course...I knew it had potential.

Then two of my favorite blogs inspired me all at the same time.

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors, challenged her readers to become a Junk Loser (Found Here). I decided a few weeks prior to Donna's post that I would make a change and improve my health and the way I feel about myself.

Then, Rhoda of Southern Hospitality, posted about her mirrors.

After reading both posts, I realized that I have alot in common with so many women.

I have great mirrors in my house but I don't look in them often because I don'tlike what  I see.

So, with all that ........

I decided to put my new-to-me mirror in my entryway. What better way to be forced to see myself and stay on track?!

It was a natural wood, so of course I had to paint it.

 This is where I placed it....

Right here where I can't avoid seeing myself come....and go.

Now that's inspiration to stay on the right track!

On to the next project,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

I knew when I saw the phrase, "KEEP CALM and CARRY ON"  it had a place in my life!
It works for home and work.

I bought this framed print awhile ago at the resale shop....

It doesn't work with my decor but I knew it had potential.

This week, I made this...

I wanted the print to look like a transfer so I used my projector.

First, I traced the crown and letters with a pencil onto scrap white linen.

Then, I dry brushed the design with chalk board paint.

When I stretched it out to frame it, I discovered one lonely stain on the linen!

I had to rack the ol' noggin and figure out how to cover it.

My neighbor Melanie was nice enough to drop everything and hunt for a solution with her Cricket. Thanks Melanie!!

We chose the fleur de lis.

After hanging this in my entryway for a few days, I've decided to take it to my classroom.

I've been sprucing up my class with my style and this will go well in that space.

Sorry to skip the tutorial pics but my DINOSAUR computer has recently made blogging painfully s..l..o..w...

I am now on the hunt for a new laptop! I'm linking up with Donna at

On to the next project,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tappan Deluxe Stove

My latest challenge has been how to update my kitchen and the area behind my
new-to-me stove. Here it is ......

Isn't it beautiful?!?

A friend of mine had it sitting in his basement since he bought his house years ago. He saw my kitchen and knew I'd LOVE this stove. He gave it to me! I am in the "contemplating stage". I need a shelf or shelves above the stove to increase my storage but they have to be WORTHY of surrounding my Tappan! I only have a small 24" shelf to the left. I would like to have a place for my utensils, pot holders and vintage knives. Maybe a few canisters too. Remember...everything has a function in my house! I'm definitely not a retro girl so the 40's decor will not work for me. I am up for suggestions. Anyone have any thoughts?

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