Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bathroom Do-Over

Waaaayyy back in April of last year I made a ruffled shower curtain. It turned out great but as soon as I hung it...I knew I needed to redo my bathroom! I started with the vanity. I painted it with a high gloss enamel that will hold up to the kids and changed out the hardware to match my light fixture above the sink.

It's nothing spectacular...but it's fresh and clean. Found the sisal rug at Kohl's for $20.

I worked on the rest this past week and here is how it looks now....

No more Sage Green walls!! Placed the magazine rack behind the toilet. The basket on the ladder holds our wash rags. That way...noone is screaming for someone to get them a rag.

I took the door with hooks from my entryway and changed the hat hooks to ceramic rose hooks I found.

 This dresser has been passed down. I am debating if I will paint it.?? It's missing a chunk of molding and the original mirror that goes on the top. The value had decreased before I inherited it.

So there is yet another project I've been stewing for awhile. Sorry for the long wait. I'm simply a busy girl!! My daughter's bedroom is next...

On to the next project,

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hallway Mirrors

I've been working on this project for awhile.

It usually doesn't take this long to finish a project but I took my time because I knew how I wanted these to look.

I found two of these in a pile of old doors on the curb....

I'm guessing they were storm windows for a screened in room because of the hardware.

All the glass had been broken.

I spent alot of time cleaning them up by removing all the pins and grout. I lightly sanded and gave them a light coat of white paint.

 I sanded the white and applied one coat of Minwax Paste Wax.

Then I ordered the mirrors and waited 2 1/2  weeks for them. :(

I set the mirrors with window caulk on the back and added tacks to hold them in place.

 This is the finished project....

These definately open up the hallway and add light. 

The total cost of this project was $172.  I know, more than I typically spend but sometimes you just have to do it! I think it was money well spent...

On to the next project,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reclaimed Farmhouse Doors

Well I had to turn around when I  saw a stack of doors on a neighbors tree lawn.

There was alot to choose from.... so I took them all!!

 Here are two of the doors I found...

A farmhouse screen door with all the hardware intact.

A very small heavily painted interior door.

I loved the patina on this green door!!

 I scraped off all the loose paint, lightly sanded the front and gave it one coat of poly.

 I added the glass doorknob.

So far....this one is my favorite...

I scraped off all the loose paint, gave it one coat of poly and added the vintage like hat hooks.

I placed it behind my front door for guests.

I still have two more doors that I'm working on. Thanks for looking!

On to the next project,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Water Crock Makeover

I have forever disliked my water crock with the blue five gallon jug on top.
I tried several different ways to hide it but ...
it's frequently used and needs to be in an accessible spot for us.

I was lost until I found this stool....

It is perfect as a stand for my water crock.

I whipped up a slip cover for the bottle and covered the apple motif on the crock with something I already had from another project.  Here it is now...

Wait til you see what I've been working on!
On to the next project,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Classroom Improvements

I have been a busy girl for the past few weeks. Summer is winding to an abrupt end for us and it's push time to get all those last minute projects done.

I still have a pile of mulch in my driveway, a prepped hallway ready for paint, and several pieces of furniture in the garage needing attention.

Not to mention...three excited kids waiting to buy all that stuff needed for the first day of school. If I could only divide myself to get it all done.

My friend Michele asked if I would like a 4' x 8' chalkboard for my kids.
Her husband saw that several were being thrown out at his work. After taking one for the kids to use in the garage, I started to think about how I could use more of those chalkboards. I came up with this.....

My INGENIOUS Dad made the end supports for me and my WONDERFUL boyfriend helped me set up my classroom. Those puppies are heavy!

I desperately needed room dividers because I am teaching students with Autism this year.

I was using gym mats to divide the space for summer school and it looked HODUNK!
I had considered making dividers out of pvc and fabric but the cost would be substantial.

The cost of real room dividers is RIDICULOUS! SHAME ON YOU....SCHOOL SUPPLY...ROOM DIVIDER MAKERS!!!

These chalkboards were a huge blessing and so functional!!

Thank you Michele and Tom for thinking of me and delivering them to the school. That was quite a load!

On to the next project,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ladder Pot Rack

Hate to keep you waiting for an update but I've been a busy girl lately.
I rescued alot of great stuff from the curb this week and have been working on several projects. Not ready to share those yet but I wanted to share one of my first attempts at repurposing.

I made this pot rack 8 years ago.

I found a ladder curbside for a friend who wanted one for her living room.

It was big enough for both of us to take a section.

I painted it black, added the hooks, and hung it with chains. I slip covered the chains with cord covers that I made out of scrap material.
As you can see, I hang more than pots on my rack.

This table area is a work station for the family and I needed more light.

I added this......
Found this stock pot at a garage sale.

First time I used it, it rusted.

Didn't want to throw it out because I don't do that sort of thing.

Racked the ol' noggin and came up with this idea.
I drilled a hole in the bottom, added a simple one light fixture and....voila! I have a pot light. I did not hard wire this with a switch. I slipped the cord through the hole that the chain is in and ran the cord to a plug in my attic. The cord had a roll switch near the top of the light. Easy Peasey!!

On to the next project,

Friday, July 22, 2011

French Typography Side Table

I've had the side table for quite some time. I bought it for $2 at Second Mile West.It has been screaming for a makeover since I last painted it a creamy white. When I found a graphic from The Graphics Fairy, I knew I'd find a use for it in my home. 

This is my table before....

First, I drew the image with a sharpie using my projector.

Then, I sanded the entire top with 120 grit. I gave it a heavy coat of Minwax dark stain and rubbed off the excess with a dry towel.

I finished it off with a coat of paste wax for protection. Here it is now.....

On to the next project,