Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hallway Mirrors

I've been working on this project for awhile.

It usually doesn't take this long to finish a project but I took my time because I knew how I wanted these to look.

I found two of these in a pile of old doors on the curb....

I'm guessing they were storm windows for a screened in room because of the hardware.

All the glass had been broken.

I spent alot of time cleaning them up by removing all the pins and grout. I lightly sanded and gave them a light coat of white paint.

 I sanded the white and applied one coat of Minwax Paste Wax.

Then I ordered the mirrors and waited 2 1/2  weeks for them. :(

I set the mirrors with window caulk on the back and added tacks to hold them in place.

 This is the finished project....

These definately open up the hallway and add light. 

The total cost of this project was $172.  I know, more than I typically spend but sometimes you just have to do it! I think it was money well spent...

On to the next project,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reclaimed Farmhouse Doors

Well I had to turn around when I  saw a stack of doors on a neighbors tree lawn.

There was alot to choose from.... so I took them all!!

 Here are two of the doors I found...

A farmhouse screen door with all the hardware intact.

A very small heavily painted interior door.

I loved the patina on this green door!!

 I scraped off all the loose paint, lightly sanded the front and gave it one coat of poly.

 I added the glass doorknob.

So far....this one is my favorite...

I scraped off all the loose paint, gave it one coat of poly and added the vintage like hat hooks.

I placed it behind my front door for guests.

I still have two more doors that I'm working on. Thanks for looking!

On to the next project,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Water Crock Makeover

I have forever disliked my water crock with the blue five gallon jug on top.
I tried several different ways to hide it but ...
it's frequently used and needs to be in an accessible spot for us.

I was lost until I found this stool....

It is perfect as a stand for my water crock.

I whipped up a slip cover for the bottle and covered the apple motif on the crock with something I already had from another project.  Here it is now...

Wait til you see what I've been working on!
On to the next project,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Classroom Improvements

I have been a busy girl for the past few weeks. Summer is winding to an abrupt end for us and it's push time to get all those last minute projects done.

I still have a pile of mulch in my driveway, a prepped hallway ready for paint, and several pieces of furniture in the garage needing attention.

Not to mention...three excited kids waiting to buy all that stuff needed for the first day of school. If I could only divide myself to get it all done.

My friend Michele asked if I would like a 4' x 8' chalkboard for my kids.
Her husband saw that several were being thrown out at his work. After taking one for the kids to use in the garage, I started to think about how I could use more of those chalkboards. I came up with this.....

My INGENIOUS Dad made the end supports for me and my WONDERFUL boyfriend helped me set up my classroom. Those puppies are heavy!

I desperately needed room dividers because I am teaching students with Autism this year.

I was using gym mats to divide the space for summer school and it looked HODUNK!
I had considered making dividers out of pvc and fabric but the cost would be substantial.

The cost of real room dividers is RIDICULOUS! SHAME ON YOU....SCHOOL SUPPLY...ROOM DIVIDER MAKERS!!!

These chalkboards were a huge blessing and so functional!!

Thank you Michele and Tom for thinking of me and delivering them to the school. That was quite a load!

On to the next project,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ladder Pot Rack

Hate to keep you waiting for an update but I've been a busy girl lately.
I rescued alot of great stuff from the curb this week and have been working on several projects. Not ready to share those yet but I wanted to share one of my first attempts at repurposing.

I made this pot rack 8 years ago.

I found a ladder curbside for a friend who wanted one for her living room.

It was big enough for both of us to take a section.

I painted it black, added the hooks, and hung it with chains. I slip covered the chains with cord covers that I made out of scrap material.
As you can see, I hang more than pots on my rack.

This table area is a work station for the family and I needed more light.

I added this......
Found this stock pot at a garage sale.

First time I used it, it rusted.

Didn't want to throw it out because I don't do that sort of thing.

Racked the ol' noggin and came up with this idea.
I drilled a hole in the bottom, added a simple one light fixture and....voila! I have a pot light. I did not hard wire this with a switch. I slipped the cord through the hole that the chain is in and ran the cord to a plug in my attic. The cord had a roll switch near the top of the light. Easy Peasey!!

On to the next project,

Friday, July 22, 2011

French Typography Side Table

I've had the side table for quite some time. I bought it for $2 at Second Mile West.It has been screaming for a makeover since I last painted it a creamy white. When I found a graphic from The Graphics Fairy, I knew I'd find a use for it in my home. 

This is my table before....

First, I drew the image with a sharpie using my projector.

Then, I sanded the entire top with 120 grit. I gave it a heavy coat of Minwax dark stain and rubbed off the excess with a dry towel.

I finished it off with a coat of paste wax for protection. Here it is now.....

On to the next project,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Entryway Mirror

Sometimes a project transpires out of a freebie.

My neighbor Melanie updated her bedroom and no longer wanted the mirror that came with her dresser.

She offered it to me and of course...I knew it had potential.

Then two of my favorite blogs inspired me all at the same time.

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors, challenged her readers to become a Junk Loser (Found Here). I decided a few weeks prior to Donna's post that I would make a change and improve my health and the way I feel about myself.

Then, Rhoda of Southern Hospitality, posted about her mirrors.

After reading both posts, I realized that I have alot in common with so many women.

I have great mirrors in my house but I don't look in them often because I don'tlike what  I see.

So, with all that ........

I decided to put my new-to-me mirror in my entryway. What better way to be forced to see myself and stay on track?!

It was a natural wood, so of course I had to paint it.

 This is where I placed it....

Right here where I can't avoid seeing myself come....and go.

Now that's inspiration to stay on the right track!

On to the next project,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

I knew when I saw the phrase, "KEEP CALM and CARRY ON"  it had a place in my life!
It works for home and work.

I bought this framed print awhile ago at the resale shop....

It doesn't work with my decor but I knew it had potential.

This week, I made this...

I wanted the print to look like a transfer so I used my projector.

First, I traced the crown and letters with a pencil onto scrap white linen.

Then, I dry brushed the design with chalk board paint.

When I stretched it out to frame it, I discovered one lonely stain on the linen!

I had to rack the ol' noggin and figure out how to cover it.

My neighbor Melanie was nice enough to drop everything and hunt for a solution with her Cricket. Thanks Melanie!!

We chose the fleur de lis.

After hanging this in my entryway for a few days, I've decided to take it to my classroom.

I've been sprucing up my class with my style and this will go well in that space.

Sorry to skip the tutorial pics but my DINOSAUR computer has recently made blogging painfully s..l..o..w...

I am now on the hunt for a new laptop! I'm linking up with Donna at

On to the next project,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tappan Deluxe Stove

My latest challenge has been how to update my kitchen and the area behind my
new-to-me stove. Here it is ......

Isn't it beautiful?!?

A friend of mine had it sitting in his basement since he bought his house years ago. He saw my kitchen and knew I'd LOVE this stove. He gave it to me! I am in the "contemplating stage". I need a shelf or shelves above the stove to increase my storage but they have to be WORTHY of surrounding my Tappan! I only have a small 24" shelf to the left. I would like to have a place for my utensils, pot holders and vintage knives. Maybe a few canisters too. Remember...everything has a function in my house! I'm definitely not a retro girl so the 40's decor will not work for me. I am up for suggestions. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Have a Great 4th,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage Pitch Fork Glass Holder

One problem with a small kitchen is the lack of storage.

I had to create storage without creating clutter. All of my finds and treasures have a functional use. I simply don't have the space to have extra vignettes and furniture.
I found a very old pitch fork at a flea market and knew I could find a use for it.

I came up with this.....

It's hanging over my frig. I mounted it with curtain rod hardware. I also added a screw to the top of each wooden bracket for stability.

On to the next project,

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Entryway Lockers

I've been hard at work on this project all week. Last week, I showed you this...
I removed the back, inner shelves and doors.

Then, I made all of the shelves. Hit it all with my palm sander. Pewwww, was that a job! I gave it two coats of paint. Gray then cream.

Roughed it up with 60 and 100 grit sandpaper. Lugged it into the house and added the back paneling. I took pegs off existing peg board hangers for the side of each locker. I spray painted four miscellaneous metal hooks black for the back of each locker. I've been debating on making doors or a curtain? After a week of peckin at this ol' Girl...Here she is..........

Best Part... the cost of this project was just under $40!!
I only had to buy the baskets.
All of the pine used in this project was prepared by Ronny (Our family friend with Cerebral Palsy). He carefully removes all the knots with his hand tools. Knowing how hard he worked with his limitations, makes the finished project even more special to my family.

On to the next project,

Monday, June 13, 2011

Entryway Lockers

I've been planning on making entryway lockers since December when I saw these

Pottery Barn Lockers, while searching online for ideas. The plan has been developing as I find things I would like to use. Today was a GOOD DAY!! First of all, it's my favorite day of the week..........GARBAGE DAY. I've been collecting "Ronny Boards" for some time now (Story Here) and have resided to the fact that it would take alot of lumber and time to construct the piece I would like for our entryway. I have been hoping to find a few bookcases or a large piece of furniture to convert. Today was my lucky day.
I found this monster three houses down.

I's not pretty but I have plans for this!
This is how we had to get it home....
Old and dilapidated but very handy. We were quite the sight walking this thing home.
I worked on this the rest of the day and wanted to give you a sneak peak at my progress. The kids helped on and off. Tomorrow, I begin painting.
 There will be 4 lockers. One shelf on top for a basket and two on the bottom of each locker for shoes. I'm waiting to put the new back on. It's a sheet of paneling that will be horizontal to look more Pottery Barnish instead of 70's.

Check back to see more!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Front Patio

Last Fall, I envisioned a small sitting area for myself in my front flower bed. I really needed a place to sit while the kids are playing outside. I've resided to the one step on the porch for years. So, in the fall, I transplanted my perennials from in front of the window to the backyard. This is before I leveled the area and transplanted the holly bush.

This is it now...

I laid those bricks all by my little self.
I bought the furniture for a whoppin $38 at Second Mile West. I made the seat cushions out of a white linen table cloth I just picked up at a garage sale for...$1. Very easy to make. Just need one of these...

Old handsome dog to hold down the fabric and VOILA!

The pillows are made from a vintage flour sack I found curbside. (Yes, I bleached it!) The chippy rust covered side table is perfect for my feet as I watch the kids. I added annuals to add alittle color and of course, I made another toolbox for my new resting place.

On to the next project,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vintage French Chocolate Crate Table

I recently found a table  at Red Hen Home  It's exactly what I've been dreaming up for my bathroom table that I bought last year at a garage sale for $20. More than I would typically spend but I saw it had potential and it was solid oak. I borrowed a dinosaur an overhead projector from work  (Yes, it's officially signed out) made the transparency and got to work. Instead of hand painting the design, I decided to use a SHARPIE! It didn't bleed and was super easy. After I finished the lettering, I sanded the top, wiped it down and sealed it with paste wax. Here it is.......

I am liking this table and it's MINE MINE MINE! I will forever remember how many times my children tripped over the projector cord, moved the transparency and walked in front of the projector light!!

On to the next project,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Numbered Dresser

I found this dresser curbside several years ago. It was in bad shape and needed alittle TLC. I knew I wanted it as a TV stand because it is perfect for movies, video games, and board games. It's also very sturdy and the drawers slide well but not well enough for little hands to pull them out and climb. I sanded, painted and roughed it up with 60 grit. I recently found new metal house numbers at the thrift store. I chose 1,2, and 3 to make it easy to tell the kiddos where to find their stuff. Works for my busy household.

On to the next project,

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garbage Pick a Trash Can?

I was watching my former neighbors son drag bags to the curb the entire weekend. He's been cleaning out his Mother's house for several years now. He and his wife have spent a considerable amount of time updating and fixing the house to put it on the market. We are very excited to possibly have neighbors soon. He took the last load to the curb, locked the house and left. The kids and I executed the perfectly timed pick. Thank goodness he used clear bags! I immediately saw a perfectly good mini metal garbage can. I was so impatient to fixer' up that I neglected to take a before pic.

Sorry, but I'll spare you the interior shot and the bright orange paint job.

I scrubbed her up and gave her a fresh coat of white paint... of course.

This it how it turned out...


Four is my favorite number because... there are four of us. I spent the weekend kidless and had time for inspiration, to be creative and to THINK!

Here are a few shots of the things that make me happy in my house...

Painted this table this weekend

Dog free zone

Peaceful, clean, clutter free living......for a minute. I took a deep breath and enjoyed it while I could.

Flowers from my neighbor! She loves to plant and share her flowers. She bought me white this time because she knows how much I love it! Thanks Fay!

On to the next project,