Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Front Patio

Last Fall, I envisioned a small sitting area for myself in my front flower bed. I really needed a place to sit while the kids are playing outside. I've resided to the one step on the porch for years. So, in the fall, I transplanted my perennials from in front of the window to the backyard. This is before I leveled the area and transplanted the holly bush.

This is it now...

I laid those bricks all by my little self.
I bought the furniture for a whoppin $38 at Second Mile West. I made the seat cushions out of a white linen table cloth I just picked up at a garage sale for...$1. Very easy to make. Just need one of these...

Old handsome dog to hold down the fabric and VOILA!

The pillows are made from a vintage flour sack I found curbside. (Yes, I bleached it!) The chippy rust covered side table is perfect for my feet as I watch the kids. I added annuals to add alittle color and of course, I made another toolbox for my new resting place.

On to the next project,


  1. sweet little spot, love the brick work and the iron chair!

  2. You are so clever and creative. Kudos! You made a beautiful spot.

  3. Good for you, and great job, Michelle! Your patio really looks great! How much bleach did you use and how long did you let it soak?

    xoxo laurie

  4. It's darling.....glad to meet u....come on over and visit me and follow along....check out my older posts....I think you will like them...