Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bathroom Do-Over

Waaaayyy back in April of last year I made a ruffled shower curtain. It turned out great but as soon as I hung it...I knew I needed to redo my bathroom! I started with the vanity. I painted it with a high gloss enamel that will hold up to the kids and changed out the hardware to match my light fixture above the sink.

It's nothing spectacular...but it's fresh and clean. Found the sisal rug at Kohl's for $20.

I worked on the rest this past week and here is how it looks now....

No more Sage Green walls!! Placed the magazine rack behind the toilet. The basket on the ladder holds our wash rags. That way...noone is screaming for someone to get them a rag.

I took the door with hooks from my entryway and changed the hat hooks to ceramic rose hooks I found.

 This dresser has been passed down. I am debating if I will paint it.?? It's missing a chunk of molding and the original mirror that goes on the top. The value had decreased before I inherited it.

So there is yet another project I've been stewing for awhile. Sorry for the long wait. I'm simply a busy girl!! My daughter's bedroom is next...

On to the next project,