Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garbage Pick a Trash Can?

I was watching my former neighbors son drag bags to the curb the entire weekend. He's been cleaning out his Mother's house for several years now. He and his wife have spent a considerable amount of time updating and fixing the house to put it on the market. We are very excited to possibly have neighbors soon. He took the last load to the curb, locked the house and left. The kids and I executed the perfectly timed pick. Thank goodness he used clear bags! I immediately saw a perfectly good mini metal garbage can. I was so impatient to fixer' up that I neglected to take a before pic.

Sorry, but I'll spare you the interior shot and the bright orange paint job.

I scrubbed her up and gave her a fresh coat of white paint... of course.

This it how it turned out...


Four is my favorite number because... there are four of us. I spent the weekend kidless and had time for inspiration, to be creative and to THINK!

Here are a few shots of the things that make me happy in my house...

Painted this table this weekend

Dog free zone

Peaceful, clean, clutter free living......for a minute. I took a deep breath and enjoyed it while I could.

Flowers from my neighbor! She loves to plant and share her flowers. She bought me white this time because she knows how much I love it! Thanks Fay!

On to the next project,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thrift Store Find

I decided to take a break from the perpetual cleaning and head to the thrift store, since I am kidless for the day.

                                I stumbled upon this...

I wasn't certain what it was at first but my trusted shopping partner said "it's a turkey roaster". Whatever it's former intent, I really liked it and quickly took the price tag off as if I had found an awesome deal. Since I am not a turkey roasting kind of girl nor would I trust it's ability to not burn my house down, I envisioned using it as a planter. After cleaning it up, I now see using it as a beverage bucket. Ice and bottles..... Not too bad for $14.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bedroom Dresser

Several years ago, a good friend handed down this beauty...
I liked the lines. It is a solid piece and all the drawers work well. They need to slide easily for the little one to find her sixth outfit for the day. I knew it had potential to fit my her style. Just needed some inspiration and time. Recently, I got an itch to work on this ol' girl. Here she is now...

Little girls favorite color is blue. I changed out the hardware with these pink crystal pulls I found on a whim. I haven't been graced with the luxury of chalk paint yet. Need to feed my young first. I sanded it down, applied one coat of gray and mixed the distressing colors myself. Just some blue, gray and white I already had laying around. Then, sanded with 60 grit to rough it up. On to the next project....

Monday, May 23, 2011

White Weathered Planter

My friend, Julie, surprised me with this little cutie pie this morning. She knew I'd love this planter for my new patio...and I DO!
I spruced it up with a spider plant I've been neglecting at school and annuals, Fay, brought over the other day. I found the perfect spot for it. It's the little things in life that make me happy!! Thanks Julie!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tool Box Challenge

Several years ago, my garbage picker in training daughter found this on my neighbors tree lawn....

She has an eye for reusing things like her Mama! It was a rabbit cage made by her late husband for their two children. I'm guessing it was in her backyard for at least 35 years! It then sat in my yard with absolutely no purpose for the past two. I recently salvaged a portion of the chicken wire for this project...                                            

 The other day  I was reading one of my favorite blogs,  Funky Junk Interiors , and was presented with a challenge. MAKE A TOOLBOX! I am totally in... I started thinking about what I could use and where I could use it. I chose that scrap rabbit cage waiting for the curb.

First, I salvaged a few pieces of weathered wood. Cleaned it up and let it dry for a few days. Then, began the planning. Really there's not much of that. I don't measure often... I just start cutting and creating. I could make a carpenter cringe!

My "INSPIRATION" is my 4 year old.She is a wonderful hardworking dandylion picker! I get all sorts of short stem weeds flowers and I needed a perfect place to display her treasures.

So, I finally came up with this...

 Ta Dahhhh!!!

My favorite part is the chicken wire bottom.

Although I am really happy to have a place to display my "weed picker's" treasures...I would suggest wearing a hazard suit when cutting wood that has been unattended for many decades. I skipped that simple safety measure and have been brewin a mold induced sinus infection since. I managed to avoid needing a tetanus shot after handling the rusted chicken wire again. I avoid pitchin things I know could be repurposed but the scraps of the rabbit cage are officially hitting my curb.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Brick Patio

 I have been working on my patio for a few weeks in between rain drops. It is almost finished! I will be adding plants and a glass top to my thrift store table. Here's how it looks now...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Kids Do When You're Busy With a Project

I've been asked by so many of you "How do you do all of this with 3 kids?" I should really add a list of the mishaps that occur with each project. There are many occasions when I am able to keep them busy helping or working on something of their own. Like this....

She always wants to help paint. So, I give her something to work on and she's a happy girl! Then there's the boy who just wanted to make dinner on his own. I gave him directions on how to start making calzones. He found me in the garage and asked me to check on how he was doing and I found this....

I said "Yeah......, you have enough flour" and walked away quickly. He did a great job with dinner and I am so blessed to have kids who want to help me! I overheard plans of making me pancakes in the morning. I just hope they know that mix by hand means with a spoon!! Last time it didn't go so well....

I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

White Slipcoverd Sofa

I've spent a considerable amount of time painting my world shades of white. I recently made this slipcover for my sofa...
I used an old quilt for the cushions, a coverlet for the body of the sofa, and linen curtains for the skirt. It all came together.

Then there is...

A mud splattered 4 year old

and two lovable dogs who love to roll in the mud.

HOW does one maintain a perfectly WHITE world and her sanity at the same time? My oldest dog Duke, became impatient waiting for me to let him in and poked his paw through my screen door, let himself in (covered in mud) and jumped up on my pretty white couch to relax. I believe I momentarily lost vision in my left eye from the aggravation. Isn't there anyone else living with this problem??? It makes me want a doggie wash in my garage...

I am seriously considering adding an area where I can wash the dogs off. It would be better than hosing them down with freezing cold water from the garden hose or washing them in my tub. Another project that I've been rackin the ol' noggin over is a set of these in my entryway.
Pottery Barn Lockers
Restoration Hardware Lockers
I've been working on this idea and collecting materials since December. I found linen lined baskets today that are perfect. I am headed out in the morning with a pocket full of Mother's Day cash and three kids in tow to get them! This project will be in progress very soon.