Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reclaimed Farmhouse Doors

Well I had to turn around when I  saw a stack of doors on a neighbors tree lawn.

There was alot to choose from.... so I took them all!!

 Here are two of the doors I found...

A farmhouse screen door with all the hardware intact.

A very small heavily painted interior door.

I loved the patina on this green door!!

 I scraped off all the loose paint, lightly sanded the front and gave it one coat of poly.

 I added the glass doorknob.

So far....this one is my favorite...

I scraped off all the loose paint, gave it one coat of poly and added the vintage like hat hooks.

I placed it behind my front door for guests.

I still have two more doors that I'm working on. Thanks for looking!

On to the next project,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Water Crock Makeover

I have forever disliked my water crock with the blue five gallon jug on top.
I tried several different ways to hide it but ...
it's frequently used and needs to be in an accessible spot for us.

I was lost until I found this stool....

It is perfect as a stand for my water crock.

I whipped up a slip cover for the bottle and covered the apple motif on the crock with something I already had from another project.  Here it is now...

Wait til you see what I've been working on!
On to the next project,