Friday, May 6, 2011

White Slipcoverd Sofa

I've spent a considerable amount of time painting my world shades of white. I recently made this slipcover for my sofa...
I used an old quilt for the cushions, a coverlet for the body of the sofa, and linen curtains for the skirt. It all came together.

Then there is...

A mud splattered 4 year old

and two lovable dogs who love to roll in the mud.

HOW does one maintain a perfectly WHITE world and her sanity at the same time? My oldest dog Duke, became impatient waiting for me to let him in and poked his paw through my screen door, let himself in (covered in mud) and jumped up on my pretty white couch to relax. I believe I momentarily lost vision in my left eye from the aggravation. Isn't there anyone else living with this problem??? It makes me want a doggie wash in my garage...

I am seriously considering adding an area where I can wash the dogs off. It would be better than hosing them down with freezing cold water from the garden hose or washing them in my tub. Another project that I've been rackin the ol' noggin over is a set of these in my entryway.
Pottery Barn Lockers
Restoration Hardware Lockers
I've been working on this idea and collecting materials since December. I found linen lined baskets today that are perfect. I am headed out in the morning with a pocket full of Mother's Day cash and three kids in tow to get them! This project will be in progress very soon.

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