Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ladder Pot Rack

Hate to keep you waiting for an update but I've been a busy girl lately.
I rescued alot of great stuff from the curb this week and have been working on several projects. Not ready to share those yet but I wanted to share one of my first attempts at repurposing.

I made this pot rack 8 years ago.

I found a ladder curbside for a friend who wanted one for her living room.

It was big enough for both of us to take a section.

I painted it black, added the hooks, and hung it with chains. I slip covered the chains with cord covers that I made out of scrap material.
As you can see, I hang more than pots on my rack.

This table area is a work station for the family and I needed more light.

I added this......
Found this stock pot at a garage sale.

First time I used it, it rusted.

Didn't want to throw it out because I don't do that sort of thing.

Racked the ol' noggin and came up with this idea.
I drilled a hole in the bottom, added a simple one light fixture and....voila! I have a pot light. I did not hard wire this with a switch. I slipped the cord through the hole that the chain is in and ran the cord to a plug in my attic. The cord had a roll switch near the top of the light. Easy Peasey!!

On to the next project,

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  1. I love this idea!! Love the lamp and the pot rack. I have one too,,,not up yet as my ceilings are very low and not sure someone would keep bumping their head on the hanging pots... I love yours!!