Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garbage Pick a Trash Can?

I was watching my former neighbors son drag bags to the curb the entire weekend. He's been cleaning out his Mother's house for several years now. He and his wife have spent a considerable amount of time updating and fixing the house to put it on the market. We are very excited to possibly have neighbors soon. He took the last load to the curb, locked the house and left. The kids and I executed the perfectly timed pick. Thank goodness he used clear bags! I immediately saw a perfectly good mini metal garbage can. I was so impatient to fixer' up that I neglected to take a before pic.

Sorry, but I'll spare you the interior shot and the bright orange paint job.

I scrubbed her up and gave her a fresh coat of white paint... of course.

This it how it turned out...


Four is my favorite number because... there are four of us. I spent the weekend kidless and had time for inspiration, to be creative and to THINK!

Here are a few shots of the things that make me happy in my house...

Painted this table this weekend

Dog free zone

Peaceful, clean, clutter free living......for a minute. I took a deep breath and enjoyed it while I could.

Flowers from my neighbor! She loves to plant and share her flowers. She bought me white this time because she knows how much I love it! Thanks Fay!

On to the next project,

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