Monday, June 13, 2011

Entryway Lockers

I've been planning on making entryway lockers since December when I saw these

Pottery Barn Lockers, while searching online for ideas. The plan has been developing as I find things I would like to use. Today was a GOOD DAY!! First of all, it's my favorite day of the week..........GARBAGE DAY. I've been collecting "Ronny Boards" for some time now (Story Here) and have resided to the fact that it would take alot of lumber and time to construct the piece I would like for our entryway. I have been hoping to find a few bookcases or a large piece of furniture to convert. Today was my lucky day.
I found this monster three houses down.

I's not pretty but I have plans for this!
This is how we had to get it home....
Old and dilapidated but very handy. We were quite the sight walking this thing home.
I worked on this the rest of the day and wanted to give you a sneak peak at my progress. The kids helped on and off. Tomorrow, I begin painting.
 There will be 4 lockers. One shelf on top for a basket and two on the bottom of each locker for shoes. I'm waiting to put the new back on. It's a sheet of paneling that will be horizontal to look more Pottery Barnish instead of 70's.

Check back to see more!


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