Saturday, July 9, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

I knew when I saw the phrase, "KEEP CALM and CARRY ON"  it had a place in my life!
It works for home and work.

I bought this framed print awhile ago at the resale shop....

It doesn't work with my decor but I knew it had potential.

This week, I made this...

I wanted the print to look like a transfer so I used my projector.

First, I traced the crown and letters with a pencil onto scrap white linen.

Then, I dry brushed the design with chalk board paint.

When I stretched it out to frame it, I discovered one lonely stain on the linen!

I had to rack the ol' noggin and figure out how to cover it.

My neighbor Melanie was nice enough to drop everything and hunt for a solution with her Cricket. Thanks Melanie!!

We chose the fleur de lis.

After hanging this in my entryway for a few days, I've decided to take it to my classroom.

I've been sprucing up my class with my style and this will go well in that space.

Sorry to skip the tutorial pics but my DINOSAUR computer has recently made blogging painfully s..l..o..w...

I am now on the hunt for a new laptop! I'm linking up with Donna at

On to the next project,

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  1. A fun and wonderful idea... I too need to Keep Calm and Carry on... it's not easy, but it's a process!!