Saturday, August 20, 2011

Classroom Improvements

I have been a busy girl for the past few weeks. Summer is winding to an abrupt end for us and it's push time to get all those last minute projects done.

I still have a pile of mulch in my driveway, a prepped hallway ready for paint, and several pieces of furniture in the garage needing attention.

Not to mention...three excited kids waiting to buy all that stuff needed for the first day of school. If I could only divide myself to get it all done.

My friend Michele asked if I would like a 4' x 8' chalkboard for my kids.
Her husband saw that several were being thrown out at his work. After taking one for the kids to use in the garage, I started to think about how I could use more of those chalkboards. I came up with this.....

My INGENIOUS Dad made the end supports for me and my WONDERFUL boyfriend helped me set up my classroom. Those puppies are heavy!

I desperately needed room dividers because I am teaching students with Autism this year.

I was using gym mats to divide the space for summer school and it looked HODUNK!
I had considered making dividers out of pvc and fabric but the cost would be substantial.

The cost of real room dividers is RIDICULOUS! SHAME ON YOU....SCHOOL SUPPLY...ROOM DIVIDER MAKERS!!!

These chalkboards were a huge blessing and so functional!!

Thank you Michele and Tom for thinking of me and delivering them to the school. That was quite a load!

On to the next project,

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